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Talking Fussball MD25 wrap - Bayern gear up for Liverpool by busting loose on Wolfsburg to reach the Bundesliga summit

They're back.

After watching Borussia Dortmund sit on top of the Bundesliga for a whopping 19 weeks, FC Bayern München have reclaimed the lead, and their recent form suggests they'll stay there. But will it be enough to push them past Liverpool in the Champions League? And what role will the team's three DFB cast-offs play going forward?

Matt rounds up Marie Schulte-Bockum to talk all this over, plus a bit on her beloved Schalke, whether it makes sense to play football in an inch of wet slush, and how it came to be that a German club in 2019 felt it was remotely okay to observe a minute of silence in its stadium for an avowed Nazi. Produced by Aidan Rantoul.

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