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Patreon bonus sample pod - Bundesliga surprises and disappointments

Just as the Bundesliga was working up a head of comes the international break! Not the best timing, but we've got something for you to listen to nonetheless: a first taste of what's to come in Talking Fussball's expanded Patreon output this season. First up: Abel gets together with performance analyst Aidan Reagh for an in-depth look at the teams and players who have been over-and under-performing here at the start of the Bundesliga season. We hope you like what you hear, and hope you'll consider supporting the podcast and our efforts to bring you more content! Produced by Aidan Rantoul.

Patreon bonus sample pod - It's Talking Fussball Extra with Nik and Terry

Talking Fussball MD2 round-up - Bayern on top...with Wolfsburg and Hertha?