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Talking Fussball - Bayern top Bulls in thriller, Ingolstadt bow out on MD33

When two very good teams face off with little at stake, sometimes it's a snoozer...and sometimes you better stand back, because the fireworks are about to go off. The fuse was definitely lit when FC Bayern München traveled to RB Leipzig on MD33. Matt Hermann meets up with Kit Holden (MailOnline, Tagesspiegel) to talk about the big Bavarian comeback, the dogfight over 3rd place between BVB and Hoffenheim, the latest edition of HSV's annual relegation passion play, and much much more. Produced by Aidan Rantoul

Wolfsburg's engine fails in Hamburg, Aubameyang takes the cannon on MD34

Talking Fussball - "Disintegration" by Thomas Tuchel & The BVB