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Talking Fussball Extra - Matchday 5 & Interview with Simon Rolfes

Talking Fussball Extra - The Bundesliga Show is rammed to bursting this week with German football goodness. Not only has it been the 'English Week' in the Bundesliga, with rare midweek action taking place, but TFE has a special guest on the pod - Bayer Leverkusen captain Simon Rolfes. Check out his extended interview in part two of the show. The task of wading through the results of Matchday 5 falls to host Matt Hermann with the help of panellists, Nik Wildhagen (Senior Editor - Bundesliga Fanatic) and Archie Rhind-Tutt (Bundesliga Reporter - BT Sport). It was quite some set of games, with FC Bayern taking top spot in the league and elsewhere there were last minute equalisers for the likes of Hoffenheim and Borussia Dortmund.

Team Pod also takes on Team Listeners in predicting the scores of Matchday 6 in the Bundesliga. This week, panellist Nik faces off against listener, Alex Chaffer.

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